A Bit About Dragon Hill Farm

Dragon Hill Farm was an idea that had already been brewing for a few years  when we bought our homestead farm in Central Virginia in 2016.

We have been fortunate to have broad latitude in where we live and work with our careers. After searching a few different places, we landed on our 16 acre farm with an old farmhouse originally dating from the 1750s in Central Virginia.

In the intervening time, we’ve had forays into chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs, an ever-expanding garden, tractors, tractor stores, home improvement on a crooked house, and a wide-range of supporting activities. We don’t have backgrounds in any of these (I can buy baby chicks and ducklings at the store?!), but we’re picking things up as we go.

This site affords us an opportunity to directly connect with those interested in our products, to talk about our farming adventures, fixing our old home, and what we’re learning along the way.


-Sean and Christine